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Since 2008

LBC Mortgage was purposefully created by our founder Alex Shekhtman to help friends, co-workers, family members, and residents. In time we established a reputation as a trustworthy provider of comprehensive real estate mortgage services and keep growing steadily.

What you can expect from the LBC Mortgage team? Prime, worry-free, cost-effective, and time-saving customer service as we only recruit highly qualified professionals.

Client Reviews

I am currently shopping for a home and got my pre approval from LBC Mortgage. Kevin Tenin is my loan officer and he got back to me right away letting me...
Nikita V.
Nikita V.
19:04 07 Nov 22
Thank you Alex and Vasily for closing deal for my client! Guys were super responsive and did everything on time! Amazing team work
Mariya S.
Mariya S.
10:44 07 Sep 22
I've been working with LBC Mortgage for the past 8 years. Done many transactions with them, Anastasia been helping me with all my transactions. She is super...
Michael V.
Michael V.
21:56 18 Aug 22
I had a great time working with Vasily Pshenichnyy. The whole process went by quickly and all of the set deadlines were met. Vasily was attentive to details...
Sabrina K.
Sabrina K.
15:28 10 Aug 22
We have been looking for a condo / townhouse for several months. When we finally found it, LBC Mortgage offered us the best rate on the market! Thank you...
Alex K.
Alex K.
21:44 04 Aug 22
I had a great experience with LBC Mortgage and working with Vasily Pshenichnyy. He has been very responsive to all my questions/concerns and demonstrates...
Patrick M.
Patrick M.
07:12 12 Jul 22
I've done several investment property refinances with LBC Mortgage and have always had great experiences. Alex and Ana are a great team and always...
Ryan N.
Ryan N.
16:26 02 Feb 22
It's been a treat working with such knowledgeable and caring staff. Always reachable getting back to you with answers you need quick to make these life...
Mikhail K.
Mikhail K.
20:33 27 Dec 21
It was a pleasure working with Alex Shekhtman and his team on another loan. They made it easy and painless. Very professional and efficient. I would gladly...
Anna G.
Anna G.
15:34 21 Oct 21
LBC Team went above and beyond to help us buy our new home! They were available for all of our questions, were prompt in their replies to us, and guided us...
Julia T.
Julia T.
08:40 22 Aug 21
Excellent team of great professionals! Superb customer service! They have successfully handled our purchase and refinance in a very short period of time,...
Elina L.
Elina L.
11:12 30 Jun 21
LBC Team is now our Number One Team! Their service was impeccable! We really appreciated the detailed explanations and daily reminders throughout the whole...
Galina S.
Galina S.
13:34 29 Mar 21

46 Reviews

31 Reviews

How not to mess up your chances of mortgage approval

Believe it or not, getting mortgage approval is not as hard for the majority as keeping it. However, there are a few bumps in the road, so to speak, that you should avoid.

The entire process of a mortgage approval takes about 30 days, give or take, and during this time, any events may affect your loan. For instance, losing your job or becoming ill will significantly affect your mortgage loan approval. In addition, during this time, the lender has a right to revoke your mortgage approval.

Of course, such life-changing events are not easy, if not, at times, impossible, to control. However, there are a few things you can keep in check. With that in mind, here is a list of things you should avoid doing between the date of the application and the date of funding. Each one of these items could instigate a revocation of your approval.

Find out new 2022 California conforming loan limits here.


Step by step

  • It would be best if you refrained from career changes, such as leaving your current job to change industries or start your own company. This also includes switching from salary to commission-paid job.

  • Buying or leasing a new, more expensive car might not be a great idea either. Of course, if your lease is about to expire, you would have to renew it. However, you should consult with your loan officer first.

  • Avoid transferring large sums of money between accounts.

  • Pay your bills on time, and this one goes without saying.

  • Avoid opening new credit cards, even if they offer excellent conditions. Remember, any further inquiry on your credit report will have to be explained to the lender.

  • Refrain from random undocumented deposits to your accounts. This includes cash gifts without proper paperwork. Undocumented cash deposits will provoke the lender to disallow the gift.

Of course, these are just a few things we came up with. Indeed, there is more. Our mission is to help you through this complicated process and successfully fund your loan.

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    Everything you need to know about Conventional Loans

    Conventional loans, also called conforming mortgages, are ideal for first time buyer and follow simple conservative guidelines: borrower’s credit score, minimum down payments and debt-to-income ratios (a percentage of monthly income that has to be spent on pay off all borrower’s loans, credit cards and child support).

    Who can qualify for FHA Loans

    FHA loans are mortgages insured by Federal Housing Administration. FHA loans are known for lower lending standards and are highly popular among first time buyers with low credit scores. One of the most beneficial advantages of FHA loans is the allowance to get a loan with a down payment of as low as 3.5%.

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    Connect with America’s Lending Experts today!
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